Zev Naveh was one of the founders of landscape ecology as a major scientific field and a prominent researcher of Mediterranean ecology. 

Zev, who started his career as a Shepard in the Galilee Mountains, became a world renowned scientist. His holistic view of nature was ahead of his time, and his articles discuss subjects such as biodiversity and conservation – two decades before these concepts became popular.

Zev did not live in an ‘ivory tower’, he was involved in numerous social and environmental initiatives, and particularly in promoting environmental education.

This site hosts most of the scientific contributions of Zev Naveh, during more than fifty years of a productive career.




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In memoriam:

Memory on the founder of modern landscape science-

Linda Olsvig-Whittaker (Journal of Landscape Ecology-2011)

In memoriam Zev Naveh (1919 Amsterdam–2011 Haifa)-

Marc Antrop and Teresa Pinto Correia (Landscape and Urban Planning-2011)

Professor Zev Naveh, z”l - Rabbi Shael Siegel